About us

King Edward VII Academy opened on 1st September 2014.  Originally set up by Eastern Multi-Academy Trust and sponsored by the College of West Anglia, due to the growth of the Trust and its success, it was decided that the time was right for the Trust to become independent.  The Eastern Multi-Academy Trust became an independent body and sponsor in its own right in May 2017.  King Edward VII Academy remains part of the family of Eastern Multi-Academy Trust schools.

We believe that strength comes from togetherness: each individual plays a crucial part in our overall community and in our successes. We combine the unity of our traditional house system and its exciting enrichment programme with an uncompromising focus upon individual academic success.

Our superb reputation for sports is a marker of the emphasis we place on developing well-rounded young adults. It also serves as a symbol of our wider aims – the pursuit of excellence in all things;pride in our academy; togetherness in all we do; fair play and outstanding behaviour; and healthy competition.

It is fitting that the traditional school motto, for more than five hundred years, is very much situated in the present, upon the progress of each student:

‘Doctrina in horas crescat’
Let him hourly increase in learning

We hope your son or daughter will join us and become part of our friendly, successful community.