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The KES cluster brings together a wide range of local schools, from nursery to a secondary academy, all committed to the success of young people in our community. The schools which take children up to age 11/Year 6 are all within the catchment of King Edward VII Academy (KES): these are also known as ‘feeder schools’. In turn, we have some infant schools which work closely with junior and primary schools as pupils transfer. This transition process is a key part of our work as a cluster: we all want to make sure that every young person is supported to do well as they move onto new things in their new schools.

During a pupil’s time at one of our schools – or when a pupil changes schools –  it can be necessary to make arrangements to support their additional needs. We work closely together as a cluster to share specialist expertise so that we can do our very best for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities. We pool our resources and run a ‘top-up’ fund which all our schools can access, should new needs emerge mid-year. We also use these funds to explore new ways of doing things. We then share these good practices.

Our policy detailing how we work to support SEND across our cluster is available to read by clicking here:

KES Cluster policy 2015-16

We are committed to developing a wide range of work in partnership, from teacher development, to pupil events and celebrations. All of this is done in the interests of making our local schools the best places to learn possible.

The following schools are part of the KES cluster:

Eastgate Academy

Greyfriars Primary School

North Wootton Community School

St Michael’s Primary School 

South Wootton Junior School

Whitefriars CofE Primary Academy

Kings Lynn Nursery

Highgate Infant School

South Wootton Infant School

King Edward VII Academy



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