Priorities and Plans

Priorities and Plans

 Each year governors and the leadership team reflect upon the needs of the academy and what needs to be improved. We put together a small number of priorities and for each of these objectives which direct what we then do.

Our current priorities and objectives for 2016/17

Priority 1: Secure performance at nationally expected standards (Ofsted ‘Good’, Progress 8 neutral or better)

1.1          Secure national average or higher GCSE standards  (Rob Mclean)

1.2          Secure national average or higher A Level standards (Barbara Backham)

1.3          Ensure the majority of learners in KS3 are working at age-related expectations (Lloyd Brown)

1.4          Narrow gaps in achievement for vulnerable groups  (Rob Mclean)

1.5          Secure a ‘Good’ rating for the academy in all areas  (Craig Morrison)


Priority 2:  Achieve excellence in behaviour and attendance through an inclusive approach

 2.1          Ensure all year groups demonstrate improved attendance in line with national averages (Shaun Ibbitson)

 2.2          Strengthen behaviour management so that national averages for exclusions are at least matched  (Graeme Robinson)

 2.3          Redesign provision and practice within SEND leading to increased progress (Lloyd Brown)

 2.4          Improve tracking and monitoring of all standards through the ‘Organised for Success’ model (Lloyd Brown)


Priority 3: Strengthen teaching and learning, underpinned by an improved ethos and enhanced provision

 3.1          Develop expert teaching so that it is consistently good and much is outstanding (Chris Teanby)

 3.2          Establish a strong ethos across the academy, supported by a more vibrant curriculum  (Barbara Backham & Wendy Holland)

 3.3          Support the drive for expert teaching through action research and subject knowledge development  (Lucy Hawkins)

 3.4          Design engaging and effective modes of feedback and assessment to improve progress across the year groups  (Chris Teanby)


We also have a longer-term strategic plan which looks at wider issues and aims to secure the future prosperity of the academy. As we are co-located with King’s Lynn Academy and share some aspects of our leadership and management, we have developed this as a three-year ‘campus plan’


Our Campus Plan priorities and objectives 2015-2018

Strategic Priority 1: Secure consistently strong student achievement at all stages and ‘Good’ or better inspection grades for both academies

1.1          Structure and monitor effective academy development plans which ensure positive Progress 8 outcomes

1.2          Intervene in areas of poor or inconsistent performance across the campus to improve outcomes and secure equality of opportunity

1.3          Prevent and narrow achievement gaps for the long term through a KS3 and disadvantaged strategy


Strategic Priority 2:  Attract, retain and develop an outstanding workforce to guarantee consistently good teaching for our students

2.1          Ensure that all subjects are taught by well qualified and highly effective teachers

2.2          Provide high quality professional development to upskill and retain talented colleagues

2.3          Secure consistently ‘Good’ and much ‘Outstanding’ teaching across the campus


Strategic Priority 3:  Design a world-class curriculum for our young people so that every learner can succeed within their chosen pathway and be well prepared for life

3.1          Design a unique curriculum offer at each academy  and an outstanding 6th Form to inspire students to fulfil their potential

3.2          Collaborate with primary partners to ensure successful transition and early success in specialist subjects

3.3          Partner with stakeholders to ensure appropriate curricula and destinations for every KS4 learner


Strategic Priority 4: Develop highly effective leadership and governance practices so that all resources are effectively used to realise our ambitions

4.1          Ensure consistent and secure financial management to make the campus sustainable in the long term

4.2          Train senior leaders to be highly effective and impact on their own academy and across the campus

4.3          Introduce succession planning through the effective development of middle leaders


Strategic Priority 5: Establish strong partnerships between our academies and within our communities, to become schools of choice in the locality

5.1          Collaborate across the two academies to improve subject performance and share best practice

5.2          Reach out to parents across our communities and fully involve them in the improvement of our academies

5.3          Build outstanding opportunities for student engagement and leadership


 To see the full Campus Plan, please click here