Mr Lloyd Brown                                     Principal

Miss Barbara Backham                          Vice-Principal

Mrs Wendy Holland                              Acting Assistant Principal (Head of 6th Form, PSHE, SMSC, enrichment)

Mr Shaun Ibbitson                                 ALT secondee (Attendance and punctuality)

Mr Robert (Rob) McLean                        Assistant Principal (Raising Standards)

Mr Graeme Robinson                             Assistant Principal (Student experience, Behaviour for learning

Mr Christopher (Chris) Teanby                Assistant Principal (Teaching and Learning)




Art and Design

Mr James Dixon                                    Head of Art

Miss Amy Coates

Miss Erin Cordukes



Mr Thomas                                      (Head of English\KS4 Coordinator and Media Studies)
Mrs Durrant                                    (Second in department and KS5 Coordinator)
Mrs Morley                                     (KS3 Coordinator)
Ms Ritson                                        (Literacy Coordinator)
Mrs Beane
Ms Elvin
Mrs Faulkner
Ms Lewis
Mrs McLean                                  (Assistant Headteacher\Head of 6th Form, PSHE, SMSC, enrichment)
Ms Stewart-Richardson
Mrs Tennant
Mrs Townsend
Ms Whiting

Ms Michaela Buckland                           i/c Drama

Mrs Catherine Milne


Humanities/Social Sciences    

Mr Stephen (Steve) Hogger                    Head of Humanities

Mrs Hannah Pettitt

Mr Brandon Semsch

Mr John Chappell                                  Assistant Director of Sixth Form; Head of Classical,   Civilisation/Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator

Mr Martyn Barker                                   i/c History; Student leader Year 9

Ms Jo Cox

Miss Ashley Hourigan

Miss Jada Moats                                   (+ development work in the enrichment team)

Ms Jennifer Rham                                 (NQT)

Mrs Alexandra (Alex) Spindler                i/c Psychology

Mrs Amy Altunok                                                     

Dr Kalpana Tadikonda                           i/c Religious Education; Student leader Year 10

Miss Laura Vaughan


ICT/Business Studies/Economics

Mr Paul Byatt

Mr Michael (Mike) Douglass

Mr David (Dave) Shaw

Mr Matthew (Matt) Taylor                        Head of ICT

Mrs Taniesha Ward-Robinson

Mr Alistair White                                    Assistant Director of Sixth Form



Mrs Leah Hawkins                                 Head of Languages/Acting Professional Tutor

Miss Aurelie Anton                                i/c Confucius Classroom/2 i/c Languages

Mrs Danielle Fabry

Miss Helen Geraghty

Miss Amy Howes

Mrs Janet Loco

Ms Hong Zhou                                      Hanban Teacher of Chinese


Learning Support

Mrs Micarla Holmes                               SENCO

Mr Julian Spetch                                   (also Music)



Mr James Crockett                                Head of Mathematics

Mrs Nicola Burchell                                i/c Key Stage 3 Maths

Mr Darren Clarke                                   2 i/c Mathematics

Mr Christian (Chris) Cook

Mr Richard Franks

Mr Keith Head                                       (NQT)

Miss Agnieszka (Aga) Heisig

Mr Brad James

Mr Elvis Masabo                                  

Mr Ebenezer Tetteh




Mrs Mariegold Nicholls                         Head of Music

Mr Edward Seales                                 (peripatetic)


Physical Education

Miss Jody Walters                                 Head of PE

Mrs Tracy Bower                                   SSCO

Mr Oliver (Olly) Denton                          (and Geography)/Head of House Gloucester/Windsor

Mr Jonathan (Jo) Dickson                      School Games Organiser/SSCO for Springwood Cluster

Miss Antonia Flack                                (NQT)

Mr Daniel (Danny) Gay                           (also Science); Head of House Edinburgh/York

Mr Gary Hawkins                                   SSCO

Mr Ross McNeil                                     2 i/c PE (inc Head of Boys’ PE); Head of House, Lancaster/School

Miss Amanda (Mandy) Price                  BTEC Lead

Miss Alison Taylor                                 Student leader Year 11

Mrs Emma Wood                                  SSCO for King Edward VII Academy Cluster



Mr Michael (Mike) Mallett                     Head of Science

Mr Jeffrey (Jeff) Crowle                           Key Stage 4 Co-ordinator for Science

Mr Jack Douglas

Mr Shane Hall                                       Curriculum Area Lead for Chemistry

Mrs Louise (Lou) Jordan

Mrs Jennifer (Jen) Randall                      2 i/c Science; Student leader Year 7

Mr Samuel (Sam) Seville                        (NQT)

Mr Christopher Surrage                          Timetable

Mr Thomas (Tom) Wheeler                      Co-ordinator of Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme



Mr William (Will) Blake                           Assistant Head of Technology (KES/KLA)

Mr Lang Chung                                      Student leader Year 8

Miss Claire Seymour








Mrs Rebecca Schrooder           Operations Manager

Mrs Sandra Harvey                   Head’s PA

Mrs Linda Balls                         Pastoral Assistant Sixth Form

Mr Craig Chadderton                 Cover Supervisor

Mrs Jayne Charles                     Receptionist

Mrs Julie Cole                           Head of Year 10

Mrs Carol Copeman                  Attendance and Pupil Information

Mrs Jane Edwards                     Attendance Officer

Mrs Sarah-Jane Groom             Exams and Cover Manager

Mrs Emma Lees                        Hear of Year 9

Miss Kelly McEvoy                    Cover Supervisor

Ms Rachel Pezzella                    Temporary Pastoral Manager

Mrs Kari Stonach                       Head of Year 8

Mrs Janet Taylor                        Receptionist

Mr Peter (Pete) Waring               Head of Year 11

Mrs Amanda Watson                 Finance Assistant

Miss Teresa Williamson             Sixth Form Study Centre Supervisor

Mrs Belinda Wright                    Head of Year 7

Mrs Katherine Potter                  Librarian

Mrs Caralyn Cooper                   Senior Laboratory Technician

Mr Patrick (Pat) Brolly                Laboratory Technician

Mr Paul Myers                           Laboratory Technician

Mrs Christine (Chris) Tansley     Laboratory Technician

Mr Simon Anderson                   ICT Service Manager


Mrs Claire Campbell                  Cover Supervisor

Mr Jason Kendall                      ICT Technician

Miss Emma Langley                  D&T Instructor

Mrs Lisa Pezzillo                       Swimming Instructor

Ms Emma Stewart                     Swimming Instructor

Mrs Deborah Taylor                   Community Sports Coach (Swimming)

Miss Emily Malby                      Student Support Mentor

Miss Helen McGivern                Student Support Mentor

Mrs Helen Bates                        Learning Support

Mrs Sarah Buck                         Learning Support

Mrs Amanda Castleton              Learning Support

Mrs Tara Cook                          Learning Support

Ms Lucy Douglas-De-Fenzi        Learning Support

Mr Craig Harris                          Learning Support

Miss Renata Makarevic             Learning Support

Mr Ceiran Mann                         Learning Support

Mrs Alvyda Salniene                  Learning Support

Ms Susan Schofield                  Learning Support

Mrs Justine Stainsby                 Learning Support

Mrs Lee Sunderland                   Learning Support

Mrs Julie Taylor                         Learning Support

Mrs Mandy Taylor                      Learning Support

Mrs Viktorija Valantieje             Learning Support

Mrs Teresa Ward                       Learning Support

Mrs Catherine Wilkinson Assistant SENCO

Mr James Starling                     Facilities Manager KES/KLA

Mr Robin Davis                         Assistant Caretaker

Mr Joshua (Josh) Groom           Assistant Caretaker

Mrs Jocelyn (Jo) Thrower           Assistant Caretaker


Canteen Staff

Mrs Lesley Farnsworth

Mrs Susan Archer

Mrs Kathleen Hallam

Mrs Susan Jeffrey

Miss Amanda Mann

Mrs Nicola Roberts

Mrs Pauline Watson

Miss Jemma Yardy



April 2017