KS3 Diploma

The KESA KS3 Diploma

We are really excited to launch the KESA diploma for year 7 and 8 students. The diploma celebrates the many successes of our students and emphasises the link between academic success and achievement in other areas.

The Diploma encourages academic excellence as well as rewarding skills such as resilience and leadership which are very much part of Our Ethos.  We have launched it with the idea that ‘Amazing people do amazing things.’ We want our students to be amazing!

The Diploma is made up of two sections. The academic component of the Diploma tracks progress through the year.  Students must make expected progress in order to achieve the diploma, and it is awarded at bronze, silver or gold level.  Students achieving ARE/ARE+ in all areas will be awarded a Gold diploma, receiving their award in a celebration event at the Corn Exchange in July.

Alongside, and supporting the academic diploma, are a series of challenges that students have set for themselves. These challenges aim to develop skills in leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication,  (LORIC) which we know are valued by employers.

A copy of the diploma template can be found here

During seminar times we will be reflecting on academic performance as well as working on LORIC skills whilst revisiting students’ challenges. Progress towards the diploma will be reviewed with the student’s form tutor.

Please encourage your children to be brave, to push themselves and to accept the challenge of being the amazing people we know they can be.

diploma launch presentation

Diploma activities

diploma for tutors