Year 10

Welcome to the Year 10 page.

Forms have been restructured into year groups. This structure allows us to get to know our students and their families much better, so ensuring the best possible support and guidance is provided.

The structure of the team includes Mr Waring as Head of Year 10 and he can be contacted either via email at or on the telephone on school extension 239. Alongside the form teachers, Mr Waring looks after the pastoral wellbeing of our students, monitors behaviour, attendance and uniform standards amongst other things.

Our Year 10 Standards Leader is Dr Tadikonda who is responsible for ensuring that our students are getting the best academic opportunities possible and for ensuring that interventions are in place for students who are weaker, or possibly need extra tuition in certain subjects. Dr Tadikonda can be contacted via email at

Or if you wish, you can contact your child’s form tutor directly using the following information;

10K Mr Thomas –

10N Mr Cook – or Ms Waterman –

10G Mr Wheeler – or Mr Crowle –

10E Miss Moats –

10D Mrs Ward-Robinson –

10W Mr Shaw –

10A Miss Price –

I cannot stress enough how important attendance at school is but it is especially important for our year 10 students as they embark on their journey towards GCSE examinations. Please do not get complacent, don’t think they have plenty of time, no they do not. Your children’s GCSE course started on Monday 5th September and it is imperative, they keep attendance high. 100% attendance is preferred, 96% is minimum anything less and your children may well struggle getting the grades they strive for. Please do everything you can to ensure they are in school and on time. You are kindly reminded, if your children are off school, regardless if you have phoned in or not, it is important you provide a note explaining the reasons for student absence from school please.

I like to use the analogy; “first impressions count“. As adults, whenever we go for a job interview, we tend to put on our best suit or dress. This is because we are trying to give the potential employer a  good first impression, it helps us stand and creates a feeling of positivity. School is a practice for life and students who dress smartly not only creates a good first impression, it also makes them feel proud and good about themselves, which in turn promotes self esteem and self confidence. All of which, helps us achieve our main goal in school, to get the best GCSE results possible. Help your child to be successful, confident and proud, ensure they are dressed correctly and smartly please. If for whatever reason this cannot be achieved, a note will be required please.

Year 10 Parents evening is on the 23rd February 2017, why not come along to see how your child is doing academically and find a moment or two to speak with me about their behaviour and attendance at King Edward VII Academy. It would be really nice to put a face to some of the names I hear everyday over the phone. Who knows, you may even get a cup of coffee or tea.

The University of East Anglia has very kindly offered 15 year 10 students the chance to spend a day with them, doing various workshops, looking around student accommodation and having the opportunity to sit with the lecturers and ask questions. The date has been set for 29th March.

As always, if you need to speak to me, my extension is 239 and my email address is as above

Peter Waring – Head of Year 10