Year 11

Year 11 Parent Support Evening – 11th October 6pm

We would like to invite parents of Year 11 students to our support event, prior to November mocks series.

Presentations will include:

  • Introductions to the key people

  • Reflections from our current 6th formers

  • The cadence of the year

  • Exams process explained

  • Virtual walk through of all of the on-line sources of help

  • Practical tips to support your child

  • How to keep your child emotionally healthy during exams

  • English, Maths and Science top tips for parents

  • Achievement surgery

  • Access arrangements explained

Refreshments and a complimentary copy of “GCSEs, what can a parent do” will be provided.

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The structure of the team includes Mr Waring as Head of Year 11 and he can be contacted either via email at or on the telephone on school extension 239. Alongside the form teachers, Mr Waring looks after the pastoral wellbeing of our students, monitors behaviour, attendance and uniform standards amongst other things.

The year 11 team is led on the academic side by our standards leader Dr Tadikonda who can be reached via email at

Form tutors are very important to your children and in the first instance, should be contacted with any queries you may have. Year 11 form tutors are;

Form 11k is managed by Mr Thomas and can be reached at

Form 11n is managed by Mr Mallett and can be reached at

Form 11w is managed by Mr Crockett and can be reached at

Form 11g is managed by Mr Hogger and can be reached at

Form 11e is managed by Miss Hourigan and can be reached at

Form 11d is managed by Mrs Hawkins and can be reached at

Form 11a is managed by Miss Price and can be reached at

Form 11r is managed by Miss Gill and can be reached at

I cannot stress enough how important attendance at school is but it is especially important for our year 11 students as they embark on their journey towards GCSE examinations. Please do not get complacent, don’t think they have plenty of time, no they do not. Your children’s GCSE course started on Thursday 6th September and it is imperative, they keep attendance high. 100% attendance is preferred, 96% is minimum anything less and your children may well struggle getting the grades they strive for. Please do everything you can to ensure they are in school and on time. You are kindly reminded, if your children are off school, regardless if you have phoned in or not, it is important you provide a note explaining the reasons for student absence from school please.

I like to use the analogy; “first impressions count“. As adults, whenever we go for a job interview, we tend to put on our best suit or dress. This is because we are trying to give the potential employer a  good first impression, it helps us stand out and creates a feeling of positivity. School is a practice for life and students who dress smartly not only create a good first impression, it also makes them feel proud and good about themselves, which in turn promotes self esteem and self confidence. All of which, helps us achieve our main goal in school, to get the best GCSE results possible. Help your child to be successful, confident and proud, ensure they are dressed correctly and smartly please. If for whatever reason this cannot be achieved, a note will be required.

As always, if you need to speak to me, my extension is 239 and my email address is as above

Peter Waring – Head of Year 11