Year 7

A huge welcome to all year 7 parents and students.

We focus on positivity and raising aspirations, so keep your eyes peeled for a list of ‘form attendance of the week’, ‘form achievement of the week’ and ‘student of the week’. These will be awarded every Tuesday in our year assembly.

In order to maintain our high behaviour expectations, the year team will be awarding students in year 7 with impeccable behaviour each term, with a free trip or activity.  I am a firm believer that good effort and good behaviour should be rewarded regularly.

If your child is off school through illness, please ensure that they bring a note in with them on their return, even if you have called in; we need the note for their file.

As you are aware, the pupils have now moved to new tutor groups. These are targeted specifically to the individual academic needs of your child. If you have any queries or concerns about this, please contact our year 7 standards leader Mrs Randall who will be happy to answer any questions.

Form Tutors are there as a first port of call should you have a query/ question. The form groups are as below;

7K – Miss Ritson

7N – Mrs Burchell / Mrs Mitra

7G – Mr Gay

7E – Miss Iglesias

7D – Mr Davis

7W – Mr Dixon

7A – Miss Hourigan

7R – Miss Cordukes

Attendance – attendance for year 7 is still very good. We are currently sitting at 97.1%. Last week winners of the form attendance award were 7W with a total attendance of 98.5%- well done to them. Please do continue to send in letters after an absence, failure to do this could lead to unauthorised attendance and a fine and please remind students that every day counts! Last week, 2 pupils with 100% attendance were picked at random to receive 2 cinema tickets and a bag of popcorn. The lucky winners were Morgan Stephenson and Skaiste Mintautaite – well done to them and keep an eye out for the next prize draw.

I have heard so many positive stories this week about how well the pupils have settled and the great things that they are doing. Last week’s student of the week was Ryan Bunton and this weeks is Katie Wood. They have collected the most number of vivos for that specified period. The form of the week for vivo collecting were 7R, well done to them. I think that it is also really important to mention some other pupils that have made an impression on me this week… Rafe Manning has been mentioned by several teachers for his outstanding attitude to learning and achievement. I would also like to mention Mina Lee McManus for her speedy shoe box return, Millie Laws for speaking well at the parents evening, Tyler Pegg and J-R Bussey for their litter picking project and Aaron Alexander who has this week sat his junior driving test aged 11! Keep it up everyone; you should be very proud of your achievements.

Pictures from the recent year 7 Halloween party

Mrs K. Stonach

Head of Year 7


Welcome Evening

The presentation from our recent Y7 welcome evening can be found here