Year 9

Welcome to Year 9!

Hello I am Dr Tadikonda and I am the Progress Leader for Year 9.  I am here to support your child’s progress throughout their time at KES Academy. Working together, we want each child to have the best chance of success in reaching their full potential.

 As you might be aware, this year pupils start their GCSE’s in line with the new educational reforms and therefore it is a crucial year to build the foundations for GCSE success.

The Progress Team is here to support your child. The Progress Mentor who sees your child daily for registration and Form time should be your first point of contact or Mrs Jo Wiseman our KS4 admin support at  (Telephone 01553 773606 Ext 280/Option 2)

Progress Mentor and their contacts details are as follows

9          Ms Cordukes                                        

9          Mr James Dixion                                   

9          Ms Jada Moats                                     

9          Ms Laura Watson and Mrs Emma Langley


9          Mrs Sarah Chiverton                            

9          Mr Jack Douglas                                   

9          Mrs Michelle Whiting                            

9          Mr Ebenezer Tetteh and Mr Khayam Shafei


Home Contact details and School Records

It is essential that parents and guardians update the school of any changes in their contact details ie change of address and new phone numbers.


Please contact the school’s absence telephone line and/or email the KS4 administrator Mrs Jo Wiseman or your child’s Progress Mentor giving the reason for absence and expected return date. All absences should be followed up with a note. Medical appointments must be supported by Doctors/Hospital/Dental appointment card/letter so that appropriate coding can be assigned on registers. Telephone number 01553 773606, option 1.


Please ensure correct uniform is worn at all times. School uniform guidelines are given on the KESA website Should your child arrive to school incorrectly dressed, you will be asked to bring in the correct clothing. Alternatively students can be sent home to change or could lose part of their social time.


Pupils are awarded achievements points during lessons and outside classes but should your child be successful in an activity outside of school, we would particularly like to know so that we can celebrate that too.

The Year 9 Team looks forward to working with pupils and their parents/guardians to forge a good relationship ensuring pupils’ success in school and beyond.

Dr K Tadikonda