Literacy information


Literacy is an important skill for all students; it promotes problem solving approaches and thinking skills. At King Edward VII Academy we know that good literacy skills help students to communicate effectively, and that being confident in their literacy skills allows students to achieve their potential across the curriculum.  Students with good literacy skills are more likely to have:

  • higher self-esteem
  • better jobs
  • higher wages
  • better health

Literacy covers three main strands; reading, writing and speaking & listening.

Reading for learning

 We believe that literacy begins with reading. At the heart of our literacy strategy is ‘reading for pleasure’.  As a school, we take every opportunity to promote reading for pleasure, this includes reading during lessons, tutor time and library lessons for KS3.

We recommended the following reads for KS3 and KS4:

  • KS3
  • KS4

Accelerated Reader

All students in KS3 participate in Accelerated Reader and have a dedicated ‘library’ lesson once a week. Accelerated Reader helps students to become more able readers by encouraging reading for pleasure and ensuring that all students are reading texts that are of an appropriate level for their age and skill set.  You can search for book titles based on authors, topics or titles of books here:


Speaking and listening for learning

Speaking and listening aids the development of both reading and writing and is in itself incredibly important playing a significant role within the development of students’ literacy.  By using speaking activities to verbally explore, discuss or debate a topic, students’ knowledge and confidence of the topic will be enhanced.

Writing for learning

When students are competent readers, they will be great writers. Writing also runs through our literacy learning. We hold regular writing events and competitions to promote writing and we believe that it is every teacher’s responsibility to develop their students’ writing ability.

Competitions and events will be loaded onto Show My Homework, the literacy noticeboard or parent weekly newsletter.

Leading the way with Literacy

We run a fantastic range of events to develop our students’ reading, writing, speaking and listening. These include:

  • Celebrations of Roald Dahl Day, National Poetry Day and World Book Day;
  • Writing competitions
  • Debating Competitions

Literacy Focus

To ensure all our students have the skills they need to be effective communicators, we have a whole range of literacy focuses. These will cover a range of topics and are used to help develop students’ ability to write clearly and cohesively. Tasks will be uploaded onto Show My Homework. Students will earn extra achievement points and certificates for completed activities. If you wish your child to complete extra literacy activities, please contact Miss Ritson (F1).

What could your child do at home or how can you help boost your child’s literacy levels?

Research proves the importance of the family home in raising literacy levels. Here are some suggestions you could adopt in your home:

  1. Encourage your child to read every day at home and to visit the Library at school or your local library.
  2. Talk to your child about what he or she has read recently.
  3. Help your child to check spellings and punctuation.
  4. Read non-fiction articles (newspaper or blogs) and discuss current events.

Helpful websites: