Student Support Centre (SSC)

The purpose of the Student Support Centre (SSC) is to provide a setting where we can deliver provision for the following needs of our students;

  • Reducing the number of students who are regularly removed from lessons.
  • Increasing the capacity to support students who have fallen behind in their studies.
  • A space to reintegrate non-attenders and those with attendance issues.
  • A space for academic groups to use, stretching the more able.
  • A space for safe time out for those students who are most vulnerable.
  • Support for those experiencing vulnerability temporarily: behavioural, emotional.
  • Careers advice.
  • A space for listening.
  • A setting for restorative justice sessions.
  • Integration of students on in year transfers.
  • Reintegrating students who have been subject to exclusions.

The SSC will play a key role in supporting all stakeholders in improving attendance at King Edward VII Academy.  Students will be provided with an environment where they can explore strategies to improve their attendance and catch up on any work that has been missed.

Referrals to the SSC on attendance grounds will be pre planned. A referral will almost exclusively be generated as a result of the weekly attendance meeting between the attendance teams and house offices. However form tutors and class teachers will be encouraged spot patterns and pass on concerns at the earliest opportunity to the relevant house office.

The additional provisions that are contained within this document are there to support the current attendance procedures. All existing procedures will continue to be followed and all stakeholders will continue to exercise the provisions of their contractual obligations regarding attendance.

The SSC should be able to support students with attendance issues in the following ways;

  • Provide a venue for a phased return of long term absentees.
  • Provide support and guidance in the best way to catch up with all work missed.
  • Identify strategies with the student on how they can improve their attendance.
  • Communicate with home in order to update on progress and share agreed strategies.
  • Provide parents with a short term central point of contact during a return to school protocol.
  • Provide students (where appropriate) with a space before lessons, during social times and after school where they can complete academic work.
  • Identify and track students who need to improve their attendance.
  • Conduct return to school interviews with students who have had time off.
  • Provide a venue for late students to catch up on the work missed – after school catch up session or break time and lunchtime sessions.