GoGoHare Art trail

KES Art & GoGoHare.

The art department had been chosen as one of 150 different schools and organisations to be awarded a baby hare sculpture to decorate for the GoGoHares charity art trail in Norwich. The GoGoHare trail started on the 24th June and runs through to the 8th of September in Norwich and Norfolk and is designed to give participants a voice through art whilst raising money and the profile of the charity ‘Break’.

Our baby hare was delivered to the art department at the end of January with a very short window of only 8 weeks to design and decorate a themed ‘Leveret’ ready for submission and promotional duties. The design was created by the talented art students in year 9. They used the theme of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and placed its characters in the day to day setting of KES Academy to highlight all the wondrous things that happen within our school. Many after school sessions helped to create a beautiful design involving elements of the school, imaginative characters within the story and all linked to a colour theme of the school logo. The designs were drawn out to scale on paper and positioned on the leveret to depict a story. They were then carefully drawn on and meticulously painted to a very high standard. The results are stunning and showcase the very talented art students that we have in KES academy.

‘Lloyd the Leveret’ has join the rest of the GoGohares in the sculpture trail and will be on show from the 2nd of July and can be found at the Maids Head Hotel in Norwich. Our baby hare will be returned to the school later in the year where he will be permanently presented for all to see.