Norfolk Sixth Form & College Art Exhibition

Norfolk  Sixth Form & College Art Exhibition

The art & photography department are very pleased to announce that our current year 13 students have all submitted and had art work accepted to show in the ‘Norfolk Sixth Form & College Art Exhibition’ at St Nicholas’ Chapel, King’s Lynn.  The show, which runs from 29th January to 19th February 2018, highlights the amazing talents that Norfolk has within the creative arts and has shown the work as a touring show.

The five students, Rosie Bent (photography), Greta Andriekute, Kiara Baker, Lois Coates and Annija Ziverte (fine art) all submitted work that was completed during year 12 and the beginning of year 13. The work was hung on Monday by our excellent technician Miss Tracey and the opening show was applauded by all those that attended on Monday evening. The works shown really highlighted the exceptional skills that our sixth form have, with Rosie, Lois, Annija and Kiara submitting work that emphasised and questioned identity through styles varying from photo art and collage to photorealism to more expressionistic paintings.  In addition, Greta submitted an observational study that highlighted Kings Lynn’s heritage.

All the students agreed that seeing some of their best work, only seen previously within the art study rooms, displayed professionally and alongside work of an extremely high standard from many other schools and colleges made them feel very proud. To quote Lois, “To see my painting hung in such an amazing space, being viewed by family, friends and the general public made me extremely proud.” Annija thought that “displaying the work in a different environment overall would change the way she viewed her own work and push her to show more work in the future when the possibilities arise.”

The art department would really like to thank all those involved with the organisation of the show and to hopefully encourage as many people to visit the works on display whilst the exhibition is running. We hope that this will be the start of many more shows that KES art and photography students will be submitting work for and showing work in.