Dress code

The King Edward VII Academy Sixth Form dress code has been devised to create an appropriate balance between smartness and the need to express individual style. It is important that our Sixth Form students set a good example to the younger students, promoting the same values and expectations; smart dress is an essential part of this.

Dressing smartly, yet retaining some personal freedom and choice, marks the step into adulthood and responsibility. As fashions change, this guide is not exhaustive, but sets out a code of dress that is appropriate for the Sixth Form:


  • Formal school/office shoes, with boots permitted. No trainers, flip flops. Converse style shoes are permitted but not hi tops.
  • Smart trousers/chinos/jeans or dress shorts (no ripped, faded denim).
  • Plain, formal shirt/smart T shirt.
  • A tie is optional.
  • Jumper/cardigan/suit jacket is optional. No sweatshirts or similar sportswear.


  • Formal school/office shoes, with boots permitted. Flat or mid heel, no very high heels.  No trainers, flip flops.  Converse are permitted, but not hi tops
  • Skirts/smart dresses no shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Smart trousers/chino/jeans or dress shorts (no ripped, faded denim).
  • Shirt/blouse/top (Tops can be sleeveless or strappy, but there should be no completely bare shoulders or very exposed cleavage).
  • Jumper/cardigan/suit jacket is optional. No sweat shirts or similar sportswear.
  • No leggings except under dress/skirts.

Applying to All

  • Extreme hair styles should be avoided, including shaved heads or shaved patterns, exactly as is expected in the Lower School.
  • Male and female students should not wear hats in school.
  • For some practical subjects such as PE or drama your subject teacher may wish you to wear a different set of clothes. this is at the discretion of your teacher and will only be allowed during that lesson and not before or after.
  • In Design Technology and Science it is imperative that legs are covered and shoes offer protection to the feet.
  • Along with members of staff, VI Formers will be expected to wear identification tags and House lanyards at all times when they are in school. They are required to enter/exit the school grounds, also acting as a security measure and promoting allegiance to the School House communities.
  • No facial piercings of any kind. Pierced ear lobes are acceptable, but ear spacers and multiple piercings around the ear are not.  Earring should be suitable to business dress and limited to two per ear.  Clear plastic keepers may be worn where a student has a number of other piercings.
  • The dress code is not optional. If you are unsure about any aspect of it please seek guidance.
  • Students who fail to adhere to the dress code will be sent home to change if they do not respond to the advice that their choice of clothes is inappropriate to attendance of school.